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Thursday, May 28, 2015


need to shoot a load

First post! What do you think?

Back for more fun. Talk me up all!

In need of some attention ;)

First time

uncut but thinking I might get sliced. Not sure I want my skin anymore. Thoughts? Anybody else get cut in their 20's? Have issues with their skin? Ugh...torn man. Like the skin for jacking off but tired of the way it looks when im soft. cut cocks seem so much more attractive and less issues dealing with the skin.

Got Dick? Yep!

What do you think?


Who wants it?

Just hanging.


Bored on a road trip. Found your blog on a bathroom wall at a rest area. Wife told me to post.

Watcha think? Guess you never know what you'll find in Dunkin Donuts bathrooms...haha

First time poster...should i post more pics?

Rock out with your cock out.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

for the ladies.

my dick


dick pic


horny again


Hung Donkey Dick

Whipping up some cream for you.

well here goes nothin. found your blog on the bathroom wall at a rest area stall. posting my cock for the fuck of it and would however enjoy reading what people think of it so feel free to comment.


Me again. Check me out and my pics. Lemme know what you think!

Who want some big black dick? What you want? I got this.

Had to take care of my big boner in the port a potty on my lunch break.

this is my scintillating cock. how is it? pl. describe

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