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Friday, November 27, 2015

HAF. Like it?

Heading out for some black Friday shopping. Oh boy!


Still home on break and still horny. haha

My cock. Any love for daddy?

Hey. I need me some fun as you can see. lmfao.

I think I might be gay becuase I am enjoying this blog way too much. LOL At first was just checking it out becuase I seen it in a public bathroom. Then, I started to bone up and want to post. Hmmm. Well, hope you all like it.

Been loving your comments. Here's another one for you all. Hope you like it too. Andy

And then we woke up. Hello CellCock Blog peeps.

Feeling horny as always. Sapping while Fapping. :)

dick pic

Suck me off.


So my GF called and asked how my TG was with the family. I sent her this and told her I was "so stuffed from dinner still". She helped me release it with some cam fun. haha Thought I'd share, in case u care. Hope it gets somebody off man.

What do y'all think?

First post. I cum in peace!!!

Me and some dick sap.


Adding some chocolate to this awesomely huge candy dish (site). :)

"Bedknobs and Cockknobs" The tail of two woods!


blog was on the bathroom wall in wegmans. :) might need some help to put this thing to use now.

I'm thankful for this morning's wood.


first post. giving thanks to my cock.

Super horny... Could use some company.

The best way to celebrate the holidays is beer and my cock


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mature dude, horny with a sense of humor. haha. Found your blog written on a changing room wall at Sears. Posting a few days later but hope you like it.


Holiday Stuffing. All the fixins and a thick n creamy gravy too.

Happy Thanksgiving Dick Pic


Suck on this. It's my stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Woke up with this. Who wants to help me out?

Hi I'm Steve and I'm 37 yo. My cock is 4.75" long and 4.5" circumference and from Australia. I want an honest opinion about my cock. The pic provided is my pic.