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Feb 24, 2017

8 cut

would you like some?

Im horny and need a wet mouth

20 haf and decided to play and post in my car. lmk wyt?

want to poke you.

Horny in my hotel room. Last day of family vaca. BTS Monday. fuck.

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well. i found your blog on a bathroom wall and, well, i just had to. haha. so I hope you like my 48 y/o cock with a bonus shot of my ass.

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morning. young and hung and looking for comments. here's a couple pics of my dick. lmk if you get off at all on them.

Hey everyone I'm 29 w/a muscular body n about 8 in cut thick and shaved. Whaddaya all think?

horny from south jersey hope u like

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Feb 23, 2017

Dick fun


my dick. good morning. lmk what you think everyone.

posting me having a ltl morning fun. seen the site on the bathroom wall at Hardee's.

Here's another one. Serving seconds.

Here's a couple... I'm straight and absolutely curious what you think of my dick. Cooked up a meal for you too.

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my stumpy dick but it's mouthful. good n thick

24 HAF. Seen ur blog at the airport on the b-room wall.

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