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Mar 29, 2017

horny in my hotel room

22, horny as a goat.

Older man 7" cut

I'm 9" and thick, ready to feel you stretched out around me until you explode all over my throbbing shaft!

ready to suck

enjoy my cock. 6" cut cock and a nice tight ass to go with it. lmfao.

rubbing one out in the work bathroom. found your blog site on this bathroom wall.

here go a couple of my bbc. 27 haf. wyt?



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Heads or Tails? Heads you suck. Tails you fuck.

Married older bi and very horny today and alone in my hotel room. Anybody care?

Cut w/ 8 in and very thick. A veteran, w tattoos and found your blog at the body shop I took my truck yesterday. What do you all think of this dick?

somebody put a dang sticker on my van with this site on it and so they must have been looking for this. just an average divorced in my 40's dude not sure what you wanted to see but if this was it, here you go. i would enjoy some horny comments though since i put them up on here. ha. hope somebody gets their jollies on them. really, i do. interesting blog and just suggest a less sticky marketing approach. had to use a blade to scrape that sticker from my van.

hey. mine, wdyt?

tried to avoid addressing the morning wood before work this morning but while i won the fight by getting dressed, my cock won the battle as you can see. lmk what you think.

Sent from my iPhone.

What's up blog? Any love? Seen your blog on a bathroom wall at Walmart.

Straight man flashing for you. comments?

beautiful morning in Tampa to enjoy some sun. at dunkin getting some morning coffee on my way to work.