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Jan 18, 2017

Blog site is on a sticker in the laundry room at the hotel I am staying at. After being in a meeting all day with some pretty hot people... I was pretty horny so it was good timing to find this sticker. ha. 32 y/o dick. well not tool....lmfao. creating titles sucks. i wish I had the dick/clit stiffening words to say man.

my cock

bored in my hotel room AGAIN

dick pic for comments

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I'm 44 in shape juicy 7" cock and getting ready to unload.

I'm 53

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dick pics for cellcock blog.

some head. that's what I need. yes, that's it. head.

7.5" cut here. forties. thoughts?

who would wanna flip flop with this bbc? whatcha gonna do with it sides flip'n n flop'n?

good morning. bored and horny this morning at the Holiday Inn Express. seen your blog on a sticker in the elevator last night.

Good Morning. You like my 81/2 inches?

Tryna cream bby

Here kitty kitty kitty. Question is...Shoud I even bother with hands or is it straight to my toungue gettin in those lips lubing you up for this big hard n throbbin Dick??

20 y/o dick. first time posting. just chillin and bored studying.

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